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You're about to discover the secrets that thousands of career-minded men and women have used to take their careers to a whole new level, and change their lives for the better.
Finding the ideal career no longer has to be a random event reserved for the lucky ones who happen to find a one-in-a-million dream job. It comes from a systematic, yet simple process that consistently produces excellent results.
When you learn my easy, step-by-step process, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it — and regret not having found it sooner. I'll even give you solid proof that when you follow the process as prescribed, you simply cannot fail to create the career you've always dreamed of, land your ideal job, and earn what you deserve.

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Descripción: The Ultimate Career Guide This is No Ordinary Career E-Book
There are literally hundreds of self-help e-books, workshops, and programs on the subject of career development on the market today. Please don't confuse The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book with any of them. The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book is the only self-directed, career study solution that provides a revolutionary method proven to skyrocket your career success and your earning ability.
It's like having an "extreme makeover" for your career! But be forewarned: when you've finished working through The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book, stand back — the results will be absolutely amazing. You'll hardly recognize yourself as the same individual who started using the Guide just a few weeks earlier!

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Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/thickredcheck.gifYou'll have a laser-sharp focus on exactly what you want in the career of your dreams, and have a detailed career roadmap that'll get you to your career destination in the shortest amount of time.
Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/thickredcheck.gifYou'll have unstoppable confidence, plus all the right moves, words, and tools that give you an unfair advantage — not to mention an arsenal of tactics that puts you head-and-shoulders above all other candidates.
Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/thickredcheck.gifYou'll be irresistible to employers. They'll be more likely to offer the job to you instead of to other candidates, who may even be more qualified or experienced than you.
Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/thickredcheck.gifYou'll be able to easily negotiate a higher starting salary than what you'd hoped for — and do it without fear or anxiety. (Tip: Employers seldom offer the highest compensation they can afford. You'll learn how to get the best deal possible!)
Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/thickredcheck.gifYou'll have employers “eating out of your hand” and they'll start chasing you (instead of you always having to chase them). They may even create a position just for you — and ask you to name your salary!
Ultimately, you'll be able to...

Land the best job you can get for the highest salary — and enjoy a position that's a better fit with your particular skills, interests, personality, and goals

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover in just a
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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

... And so much more!

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All the forms, templates, checklists and exercises you'll need to succeed, which you can use right on your computer! We have created interactive versions of all the career search tools explained in The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book. When you invest right now, they are yours FREE! (Bonus Value: $289)
Special Report: “10 Vital Strategies To Maximize Your Career Success!” 16 power-packed pages of additional bonus information. (Bonus Value: $47)

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Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/guarantee.jpgWhen you give The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book a try, there's absolutely no risk to you ... none whatsoever. My iron-clad, risk-free guarantee ensures your complete and total satisfaction.
Get The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book via instant download today, and if you're not 100% satisfied, I'll gladly refund your total investment within 30 days of your date of purchase. All I ask is that you put The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book to the test, and give it your best effort.
Read every page, study the examples, do the interactive exercises, and try these career success strategies on for size.
You'll see such a dramatic improvement in your job search results and career management skills, that I probably couldn't pry The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book out of your hands if I tried.
But in the unlikely event that I'm wrong — or if you're dissatisfied for any reason — just contact my office (you'll have my e-mail address when you get The Ultimate Career Guide E-Book). I'll refund your money promptly, and you can still keep all the free bonus gifts! What could be more fair?

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I know that you will be absolutely thrilled with the E-Book and the FREE Bonus Gifts that come with it, but I want to give you an opportunity to get MORE high-impact career success tools with your order! As soon as I finished putting together The Ultimate Career Guide, I started thinking about how I could make this career success solution even more valuable for you.
One of the most powerful ways to “supercharge” your career is to get personal, 1-on-1 support directly from a professional Career Coach! Of course, I can’t personally work with everyone who wants or needs my help. So I devised a means to offer you the “next best thing” – a complete home study program! It’s almost like working with me as your personal Career Coach (and it will cost you a tiny percentage of my professional fees)!

Introducing....The Ultimate Career Guide
Complete Home Study Program!

If you really want to achieve your full career potential, I urge you to take advantage of The Ultimate Career Guide Complete Home Study Program.
In addition to everything you receive with the downloadable E-Book and bonus gifts (Value: $480), the Complete Home Study Program also includes:

Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/ucg-200.jpgHard Copy Binder of The Ultimate Career Guide and CDs, With Interactive Documents and Tools

As part of your investment in the Complete Home Study Program, you’ll also receive the Hardcopy Binder and CD Package – shipped right to your door. Work through the program’s five powerful chapters, and keep the binder on your desk for regular, handy reference.
One of the CDs contains “electronic versions” of all the forms, templates, checklists, and exercises that come with The Ultimate Career Guide. Using these unique templates and forms on your computer will save you a lot of time and frustration, because everything is already formatted for you! (Value: $117)

Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/ucg_companion_cds_edit1_200.jpgDescripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/checkbox.gifAudio Companion CDs

These two (2) Audio Companion CDs are the perfect complement to The Ultimate Career Guide. It’s like sitting down with me personally for one-on-one career consultation, as I take you through each section of The Ultimate Career Guide.
Listen to more than two hours of specific suggestions and strategies that will help you move quickly and efficiently through this comprehensive program. The CDs also come with complete transcripts — the ideal "study guide!" (Value: $119)

Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/career_seminars_cd_home_study.gifDescripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/checkbox.gifThe Career Seminars CD

Clients are always asking how they can “ace” the interview, get the offer, and negotiate the highest salary! To answer these important questions, I recorded my two most popular seminars — "Negotiating Your Compensation: The Rules of the Game" and "The Job Seeker’s Tool Kit" — on one audio CD.
Listening to this CD will help you chop months off your job search, boost your salary by at least 25%, get promoted faster, and never worry again about job security or layoffs. (Value: $37)

Descripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/coaching_phone_image.jpgDescripción: http://www.ultimatecareerguide.com/images/checkbox.gif1-on-1, Live Telephone Coaching Session

You read that right! Once you have completed The Ultimate Career Guide, you will receive a half-hour, personal, 1-on-1 phone consultation with Joyce Dungee Proctor or one of her Senior Consultants. This is your chance to get answers to the questions that came-up while you studied The Ultimate Career Guide and worked through the program.
This is unprecedented in the industry. Most career coaches won't speak live with you unless you invest in their premium, individual coaching program. As an owner of The Ultimate Career Guide Home Study Program, you've made an important investment in yourself, and we want to support you with live telephone coaching! (Value: $125)